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crewdle the new revolutionary video calls platform


crewdle the new revolutionary video calls platform

Still looking for apps to do your video calls and meetings. that truly respect your privacy, is easy to use, and does not devore your device’s battery so fast? Do you think that there is no way that such thing exists? And what if, in top of all of that advantages, you can save the environment by just doing your casual video calls and conferences? It seems too perfect right? I agree, I also was surprised when I discovered that such a revolutionary platform is real!

 Lemme me share it with you then, by the end of this article, you will know the major details about this genuine platform called “Crewdle”, which will really help you with, all your video calls-related activities thanks to its multiple features.


Crewdle video calls platform Simple & Practical


Crewdle is a good, and very simple way to manage your online meetings, with either your friends, family, or co-workers. 

It has a user-friendly interface, with a clean design and, appealing options, not to mention its refreshing fluidity! 

Also, you can access to those features by just a quick sign-up on the website using your browser (Google chrome if possible, in some cases other browsers cannot let you use Crewdle properly). no need to install software, or an app so that won’t affect your PC performance.

 ( but you could use their app which is called Companion app if you look for a paid plan. we will be seeing this in another paragraph furthermore don’t worry). 

And oh, if you are tired of all these invasive apps, that use up a mobile device’s battery at breakneck speed just like me, then I believe that Crewdle will be the best solution for you too.

 That’s why this platform has surpassed the 200k users milestone, in less than 4 months after hitting 1k users, isn’t it so remarkable and impressive !?


New revolutionary Secure & Private


Unlike other video calls platforms and apps, Crewdle use peer-to-peer technology. it does not rely on servers to transfer your data when, meeting with people from far away but, makes each person’s computer as a unique local server, which is a really important detail. because this way you are sure that no one would access your data, nor what was going on the call in any case. 

In Crewdle they know very well how terrible it feels when, your personal info is shown during the meeting or, the call is exposed and used by a third party for financial purposes, targeting ads, and other unclear purposes. 

That’s why they created this platform, as one of the most secure and, private ways to keep in touch with your family members and, your colleagues either they are nearby or, in the other side of the world!


Eco-friendly & Green


Do you know that video conferencing platforms are major polluters? They produce up to 1kg of CO2 and use up to 12L of fresh water per hour of use per participant which is… a LOT !! Crewdle please come here, yes right there in front of them please, thank you.

 This platform developed a unique method that respects our environment, by removing power-hungry servers and, then allowing private streams to travel the shortest distance possible while, using the least amount of energy.

 What are you waiting for? Switch to Crewdle right now and save our planet like a hero without any real effort!


Free & forever


Buying, installing, storing, operating, and maintaining servers is so expensive in terms of floor space, time, and resources. It’s these costs that large companies pass on to you through exorbitant user fees which, is obviously not the case when choosing Crewdle. You pay zero dollars forever to get:

-       Up to 30 participants

-       Unlimited meeting duration

  • -       Personal ID room
  • -       Screen sharing
  • -       Watch party options
  • -       Room security parameters
  • -       Remote controls
  • -       Live streaming



Pro & cheap


You pay 4 USD per month in order to get, aside from all the features said before in the standard free plan, the following helpful options :

  • -       Users management
  • -       Recording meeting
  • -       Access to the laptop app


Oh did we reach the end of the article yet? That was a little fast, I wonder why… maybe because Crewdle is really clear and not complicated at all? 

See by yourself when using the website or, the app! I will see you in the next article about another interesting software, website, or app until then have a good day/night and, drop a comment if this article helped you, that gonna make my day :)

crewdle the new revolutionary video calls platform

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