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Picoworkers : earn money by doing small tasks


Picoworkers : earn money by doing small tasks

Hello everybody ! I hope you are doing well ! And thank you for joining me today in this article where we are going to speak about an interesting website for small paid jobs. I, personally, think that this website stands out from the crowd thanks to its organization, quick responses from the support and the large number of the active employers and freelancers at every hour all days. I’ve never been able to finish all the proposed jobs even in a one day stand, could you beat my record? Tell me in the comment section then ! But first, you gotta know more about this website right? Let’s go!

A general glimpse on the website

Small (Pico) jobs attract some freelancers (workers) right? Bam, the website “Picoworkers” has joined the conversation ! Picoworkers is a marketplace where employers and workers from all around the world post/do quick tasks and small online jobs. It’s a popular website that gives you the opportunity to earn money online or to get your services done by other people for a specific amount of money. It’s truly a big and well organized platform with many features and multiple kinds of jobs ! 

Before signing up

There is some important things that you must bear in mind before joining this unique platform in order to prevent closing your account or being banned. First, avoid using proxy or VPN when logged in in Picoworkers, their use leads to closing the account. Second, create one and only one account, many accounts per person are absolutely not allowed and as a consequence all the accounts created will be banned forever. Third, you can switch between worker and employer anytime in the same account, so no need to create two accounts to separate them !

[for workers] Success rate

Success rate is the percentage of satisfied rated tasks over the total of tasks completed since your sign up. It goes up for every job successfully completed and well rated but goes down for every job rated as not satisfied, so be careful and honest when doing tasks and submitting proofs. Also avoid giving the same proof for multiple tasks, for each job you have to send a unique and well done proof otherwise you will be marked as “spam” by the employers or the administration which’s going to damage your reputation reflected by your success rate in your profile. 

[for workers] Temporary success rate

Temporary success rate is the percentage of satisfied rated tasks over the total of tasks completed in the past 50 days. It means that this type of success rate renews every 50 days unlike the first type of success rate that is permanent. Another important difference between both types is that your temporary success rate must be above 75% in order to perform tasks. In other words, if your temporary success rate is under 75% you will have to wait 30 days (yes a full month eek! no not 50 days) to be able to do tasks !

[for workers] Spam timer

The spam timer, also called the submit tasks interval, is the time in seconds that you have to wait between completing tasks. New workers start with 180s, each not satisfied rated task gain a 20s penalty and each proof considered as spam gain 60s penalty. In other hand, each satisfied rated task reduces the spam timer by 10s. Try to make it equal to zero! 

[for workers] Other remarks

Keep in mind, as a worker, that if you got the chance to revise your job after failing it (either the first or the second revise) you must well use it, and I mean by that either redo the task correctly if you think you misunderstood the instructions in the beginning or just delete your proof and your participation in this job. You heard me right, in Picoworkers they give you the opportunity to delete your data in relation with a job after the employer send you a revise request so that you don’t get any penalty. You have just two days to revise your proof so act quickly if you want to re send a new poof ! I want to share another little “tricky thing” about hiding jobs, once you hide a job you can’t unhide it no matter what so.. better think carefully before doing that.

[for workers] Worker’s level

Levels are determined based on the amount of accumulated points, the higher level you have the higher the price of jobs you can access ! For example, if you are in “expert” level you can see well paid jobs that the “starter” level won’t be able to see. About the points system :
Completing a job is worth from 10 to 30 points depending on your current level and the kind of task you did
If the task is rated excellent then you gain +50% points 
Each 1 dollar earned when doing jobs is worth 40 points
A task rated as not satisfied take away 50 points from your amount of points 
A spam or duplicated submitted proof take 200 points from the total amount of your points #Sick_damage 
One week of inactivity leads to -100 points 

[for employers] What hasn’t been said to workers

Before posting your job please respect the following little instructions :
1. Select the proper category
2. Do not post confusing job description and instructions (That’s childish, don’t waste the workers’ time by doing so, if you don’t speak English well then try to do an effort or ask someone to help you, it’s not an excuse to neglect writing clear instructions!)
3. Don’t ask for proofs to be submitted off site such as sending you an email, the proofs must be submitted only in the box given in the website
4. Absolutely don’t ask workers to pay for something in order to work, like signing up in a website by giving bank account’s information

Bear in mind that administrators check each job posting so the easier you make it for them to review your post the faster it will go approved. And oh don’t forget to rate proofs sent by your workers or they will be automatically rated satisfied and get paid. A little reminder: 7 days to rate a task, 2 days to rate a revision.

Withdrawals !!

To  withdraw your money from Picoworkers you need to have a spam timer equal to 0 and at least 5 dollars in your withdrawable balance (because yes they charge you with some fees). The withdraw options are fortunately many : airtm, Litecoin,  Paypal, Skrill and uphold ! The withdraw process can take up to 10 days but usually is less (in one day sometimes).

Here we are at the end of this article, I hope you enjoyed reading it and/or it helped you a little bit ! If so, don’t forget to share it with people you think they might be interested in such topics. And why not drop a comment in your way? That’s gonna encourage me a lot ya know ! So, see you in the next article about another topic/sub topic, until then take care and I wish you a wonderful day/night :)

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