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Randomworkers site where you can earn money online

Randomworkers site where you can earn money online


Knock knock, how’s your day going? Fine? Awesome! No? I hope it will get better!
 Or maybe you are just tired of looking for a good and trustworthy website to earn some cash or to promote your own online job? If it’s the case, stop your search right there because I’m going to give you what you are looking for.
 In this article, we will be speaking about almost everything concerning a nice and underrated website for small online jobs! Randomworkers site where you can earn money online.

What’s that ??

Either you are a freelancer who’s looking for online paid jobs, a little employer who wants to promote one of those, or just a lady or gentleman, who needs a service to be done online/is ready to do an online service for someone else.
 “Randomworkers” is one of the best solutions. It is a legit website where you can post or do micro-jobs. ( Sadly no app for phone users but maybe one day, when it gets to be a little bit more famous! ). Randomworkers is a lovely website with a simple and clear interface, making it easy for beginners to understand how does it work! They even give you 0.25 USD when you first sign up as a gift to spend in posting a new job. (We’ll be giving more details about this little point furthermore, no worries).

I didn’t understand a thing !!

To prevent from you being in this case and yelling that you are confused because of some keywords. I prefer to make a little stop here to mention two crucial keywords that you will encounter a lot in the rest of this article which are :
- Wallet Balance: It refers to the total amount of refunds by a system including the sign-up bonus, and rewards from the administration. It is non-withdrawable money but it’s the one that you can use to hire workers to do your jobs.
 Employers usually add more cash in this balance from their PayPal/Skrill/.. accounts to post more jobs.
- Cash Balance: it refers to the total amount of earnings by jobs and referrals. You can withdraw this money once you reach the minimum required amount.
 You can also, as an employer, do jobs and refer friends to earn money, and then add that cash from this balance to the “Wallet Balance” if you don’t want to use your money saved in other banks!

Upgrade your membership level…for FREE!

You didn’t hear wrong, upgrading the membership level is totally free in Randomworkers.
 Why? Because they encourage you to refer friends/family members.. and then reward you by upgrading your membership level which gives you a lot of advantages depending on the level you’re in!
 Let me adjust my tie to tell your more about these levels in detail. Well, we have three membership levels in Randomworkers which are :

1. Basic Member: The normal level that you start with when you sign up, you are a little random and you are charged for deposit and withdrawal fees.
2. Silver member: You are not random anymore, and that’s because you invited 5 of your friends to join the website. Once they sign up using your referral link it’s done with no further steps, isn’t easy?
 And as a reward, aside from the silver badge (silver stars) in your profile, you are no longer charged for a deposit nor withdrawal fees, yees!
3. Golden member: You are a member of the upper class in Randomworkers now, congratulations! You can have your shiny golden badge now because you referred 20 people! You are obviously not charged with any kind of fees, besides you get free gifts from time to time from the administration like vouchers, free campaigns, priority to be answered when sending questions or requests to the support, and even increase your success rate a little bit if you got lucky. Don’t miss that!

More details about the referrals system? I gotcha!

To begin with, you can refer as many friends as you want, and it’s truly a good source of income. For each friend you refer, you win 5% for each deposit, and for each task rated satisfied that they did you gain also 5% of this amount. 
Which means that if the person you referred works usually and withdraws money you will accumulate little cash forever, but imagine referring like one hundred’s big cash! And maybe some of you. (like me in the beginning when I didn’t know much about this website). will be saying “I won’t sign up using others’ referrals because they will always take a part from my money, that’s unfair, I want THAT money !”, let me underline the fact that this 5% is ABSOLUTELY NOT taken from the referred people’s money! The website is the one that gives these amounts as rewards, it’s independent! 
Psst, if you want to help me and encourage me to do more articles about this kind of content, consider using my referral link at the bottom of this page! Thanks! 

For workers.. things that you must know!

A worker in Randomworkers is a person that performs micro-jobs. and tasks are given by employers.
 The only thing that you need to do after signing up to begin doing jobs. is to have a verified account which is really easy, you need to just follow the few instructions. 
  • The next step is to choose the job(s) you see yourself comfortable with or you like the most, you can use the website tools to specify which category of tasks you like the most. 
  • Found the perfect job? Read thoughtfully all the instructions and pay attention to the names of the countries restricted from doing the job, if the name of your country is included then please skip this job, if not go ahead! Being honest when performing these small jobs is really important to prevent from wasting the precious time of both the employer and the worker. besides the success rate depends on the quality of your submitted proofs. 
  • You finished the task and you submitted the proof, awesome! When the employer review your work they will either rate you as “satisfied” and you get paid instantly or rate you as “not satisfied”. 
  • In the last case, you either got a chance to correct your proof (resubmit a new one) or be rejected with no other chance. 
  • If you got this chance, you have to use it well, because if you are rated satisfied after redoing the task, you will be paid and your success rate will increase, in the other case. 
  • if you got a double not satisfied, you won’t be paid and your success rate will decrease. 
  • As a little advise, I highly suggest to complete your profile entirely with adding your experience fields and working skills as for your education level and degrees to have a better chance to gain the employers’ interest.

Success rate, that’s most likely the website’s pillar!

The success rate is the worker's reputation in Randomworkers, it gives a good or a bad impression about you when viewed by someone else that visits your profile. 
It must not, at any price, goes down below 60% because you will no longer be able to submit proofs for a really long period of time and even worse, if it is under 50% you won’t be able to withdraw your funds! So try to submit good proofs, do many tasks, and get a “satisfied rate”. 
Just be honest and if you think the employer made a mistake by rating you as not satisfied you could contact the support and they will review your proof, if you are right then your success rate will increase! (and the employer will get a warning).

For employers.. things that you must bear in mind

Do you want to promote your website/ YouTube channel/ tweeter or Instagram account? 
Do you need to pay someone to do your data entry job? Do you want a legit service to be achieved by someone else for you? Then post a job in Randomworkers. 
  • First things first, select the excluded and allowed countries to do your task. 
  • then select the categories and/or subcategories to get more chance to be viewed by thirsty workers. 
  • and finally give instructions and other details then post it. 
  • You have to wait up to 24 hours to get approved, it’s not a complicated process, they just need to check if nothing’s wrong. Once you are approved, wait for workers to send you their proofs, then review those and rate them! 
  • You can after that re-active campaign to delete all not satisfied proofs and make your job available to new workers, this will not delete the pending reviews, besides previous deleted not satisfied workers won’t be able to do the job again and won’t be paid automatically. 
  • As an employer, you can pause a campaign, stop it and give an opportunity to revise. 
  • Attention! If you don’t check pending proofs within 7 days, all of them will be marked as satisfied and then paid automatically by the system using your balance!

What if I didn’t log in for a long period of time..?

You must log in once in 56 days or your balance will be expired! Your account will never be suspended due to inactivity but better log in and out once in 30 days without doing or posting jobs if you don’t want to, it’s just a little procedure to make the system aware of your activity. 
Or if you want to abandon your account for a really long period then I suggest that you reach 2 USD in your withdrawable balance and request a withdrawal, wait up to 7 days to receive your money using the many available payment methods on the website and that’s it, you can leave your blank account for months!

That’s all for this article, I hope you enjoyed it or you find it helpful! If so, consider using my referral link down below to sign up in Randomworekrs and share this article with friends that are interested in such fields! See ya next time and until then I wish you to have a wonderful day/night!



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