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Getflix VPN secure and private Internet access

Getflix VPN secure and private Internet access

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, dear readers! How are you doing? Fine? Awesome, keep up the good work! Nope...? Aw I hope you’ll get better soon! Let’s end up with the greetings and the “courtesy” here and not make you wait for more to get to know what this article is exactly and specifically about. 
Today we are going to speak about a useful tool that you usually need to use when browsing the internet. 
Maybe some of you already are familiar with it, it is the so and famously called VPN. 
We are introducing a special kind of VPN or more specifically Smart DNS, it is unique thanks to some of its features that are not presented in other VPNs. 
So yep, I decided to share it with you! Because…why not? It may help some of you out there and I personally think it’s a little bit different from the apps with the same purpose and even worth a try. Especially that the price is really affordable, you can get a free trial, and you can cancel the payment whenever you wish.

What is that for in the first place?

If you know in advance what a VPN or a DNS is used for, then you can skip this paragraph. Still! If you are curious or you want to see if you really did understand the use of such a tool then you can read this paragraph. 
So, let’s make things simple and clear, and say that every device cannot access the internet without having a prior default IP address. Websites and servers can easily detect the region from where you are connected to their services by checking your IP, it is something that you can’t hide without using VPNs or such software or app. But what if you want to take advantage of some virtual things online that are not provided to users from your country? Like some videos either on Netflix or Youtube, some apps in the play store or Appstore, some sports channels on your TV when using wifi, etc... 
Here it comes the need for a VPN (or the DNS tech). In order to be allowed to use these features although you are outside of the specified region, those websites and servers must see your IP as one of the IPs in the required country. 
To do so, your IP address must be changed and that’s done by VPNs and similar technologies. Some of similar technologies are the creation of a “tunnel” from your device to a server in the other region and then sending all of your internet traffic through it. You get it? Let’s keep going then.

Why chose Getflix instead of a normal VPN

Getflix is indeed different and special, they does not use complex VPNs and tunnels, because even if it does work for hiding your IP and changing it, it slows considerably your internet connection, which is… of course really not appreciated! That is why Getflix has chosen the Smart DNS functionality over VPNs and tunnels, Smart DNS re-routes SOME of your internet traffic via overseas servers when, on the other hand, VPN re-routes ALL of your internet connections via the same servers. 
DNS allows you to send just what it is important and needed to let you access the content you wish. You can see the difference? That’s the key or one of the keys!


You are afraid that you cannot use Getflix’s amazing options on your device? You have a phone, a TV but also an Xbox 360 and you really wish to use Getflix when connected with the THREE of your devices and not only the phone? You are asking if you can have these features on your iPad or your PS4? You CAN! Here is the list of the devices that are considered as compatible with the use of Getflix:
Windows (PCs or Computers)
Apple TV
WD TV Live
Xbox One
Xbox 360
Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo Wii


You can choose the plan that it is to your likings on the website, the interface is clear and user-friendly. 
You can get a free trial for 14 days! And you can be a Getflix user by paying just 5 USD per month! Not to mention that you get an insane reduction (13%, 33%...).
 if you chose a plan for 3 months or a year, or get the best of all things and take the 5 years plan for a 50% reduction! 
Once you are subscribed to Getflix by buying one of its paid plans, you get to enjoy the fast experience of a Smart DNS. But! If you still prefer VPN over this new incredible technology, then Getflix gives you a FULL VPN for free alongside with your paid DNS. 
Amazing right? You have no excuse to not try Getflix now heh! 

Support and install instructions

You absolutely don’t have to worry, you can check the installation guide step by step for each kind of device that you use.
and all of that is on the website. Just look for the category abut installing guide, chose the option you need and read the instructions that will be useful and really helpful for you in case you got a problem or you have difficulties to understand a detail about something specific. 
Even if you don’t find what you are looking for, you could easily contact their awesome support that is there for you 24 hours out of 24 hours and 7 days out 7 days, yes all the time! 
Try to give their blogs a look when you are at it, they give some extra news and useful info that might interest you or maybe that could help you a lot!

To sum up with

Here we get to end up this brief article about Getflix, a good DNS and VPN provider for over 10 kinds of devices, a reliable way to enjoy the web experience get access to content that is not free or allowed in your region. 
I wish you to have a great day or night and take care until our next meeting, in a new article about another amazing software or app! Peace!

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