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the better domains for the best price


the better domains for the best price

Better domains for the best price and the highest service

Hi there! What's up? I hope you're doing well everyone. So in this article, I'm going to tell you about a giant website that proposes many services, I got lost dozens of times when I was reading all its features, it's like a maze... Anyway! I tried to summarize the important details below, as much as I could, I hope you'll find it clear and maybe purchase one of their services? Who knows!

"Namecheap" has launched its first service around the year 2000, the company was selling domains to website owners, offering a variety of choices at an affordable price. After adding more web services: such as hosting and security certificates, "Namecheap" has quickly become a global leader in the online domain registrar business. I'm not exaggerating if I say: you will get on Namecheap the better domains, for the best price, and the highest service.

Get your own address on the web with Namecheap. Register your domain now at prices starting at $3.98/year

Considered one of the best hosting companies nowadays, Namecheap prides itself on its service quality and reliability, as well as its ability to expand the potential for registrar users, with a robust feature set for both novice and advanced users.
Plus, with 24/7 customer service, and the generous 14-day money-back guarantee, you can rest worry-free knowing that you've found the right host.

Of course, one of the pillars of this company is reliable services at low prices, which makes it attractive to potential clients and webmaster enthusiasts.
You can scroll through their prices' pages according to what kind of service you want, for example, you can discover insane plans for hosting starting at just 3.98 bucks per year!

Advantages of the Company

the better domains for the best price

Namecheap is providing a free domain for the first year. (but not for all extensions), this makes the setup of a new website cheaper, and more appealing.

  • Transfers your site from another hosting provider to their services for free. you don't have to worry at all if you are planning to move your website from another host to Namecheap hosting, this is done entirely by technical support and it's free.
  • Namecheap offers a good load time of 539 milliseconds, which is on the very good end of the spectrum of loads.
  • It is offered as a service that most companies charge for separately.
  • Namecheap offers a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days of service, and you can get a free SSL certificate with domain registration. Not to mention its simple user interface.

The advantages of shared hosting are many, even with an economic plan.

Shared hosting with Namecheap!

Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting on Namecheap as it has 3 different plans starting from 20 GB SSD storage space.
This company offers free SSD storage in all shared hosting plans, It's much faster compared to a normal hard drive which in turn helps you to significantly increase the load. Oh, and there will be no limit to the Bandwidth. (it is the data transfer rate from inside to outside the server), in other words, there always will be no limit to the number of monthly visitors to your site.

the better domains for the best price

  • You can build up to three websites on the same hosting, and all shared hosting plans from Namecheap Hosting include a Website Builder tool, that lets you design a website from scratch in a simple drag and drop.
  • You also get back up 2 times per week; webmasters and website owners need to make sure, that their websites keep backups and, that their websites keep restoring their backup data, as one of the key factors on how to deal with website data if this happens.

Is your Whois information protected? Get Whois protection for FREE with any Namecheap domain registration or transfer

Protect your personal information for free, when buying a domain through the WhoisGuard extension, this technology has been developed to protect your privacy and, hide your domain details.
It is offered as a service that most companies charge for separately.

Protect your Business with an SSL certificate. Order now for only $8.88/year at Namecheap!

the better domains for the best price

  • SSL certificates are important to keep your site data secure while, you are transferring data between the visitor and the browser, as they encrypt the data transmitted between the visitor and the browser,
  • and enable you to use the HTTPS web protocol which, is definitely a source of trust for the visitor.
  • You can now get amazing SSL certificates for cheap prices and, get a special badge on your website long with purchasing this service, make your website stand from the crowd with this interesting and, important feature!
  • Thanks to Domain Name System (DNS), businesses and individuals can manage their IP addresses and, domain names without the need to maintain a list of addresses.
  • It is easier to remember or recall a domain name than an IP address number, if there is a problem with your site, you can contact support to try to restore the data or, try to retrieve the data for you without any charge.

WordPress Hosting

the better domains for the best price

WordPress hosts are different and, much faster than shared hosting because it relies on cloud storage. It's really useful if you could add it to your website.

Virtual Hosting "VPS Hosting"

It is a shared server as well but by default, it is divided between clients as it provides you a dedicated amount of server resources.

Dedicated Hosting

Private hosting is the most expensive type of hosting on Namecheap and, gives you the best performance and, security ever because you have a completely separate server, exclusively dedicated server space.

Get the super of VPN with Namecheap

the better domains for the best price

In Namecheap, you can also find Fast VPN, a unique VPN that allows you to use its services on as many devices as you want! If the famous VPNs nowadays give you a limit of 5 or 7 devices, Fast VPN gives you no restrictions in numbers! Enjoy your experience across the world with this VPN now!

Professional Business Email

                                      the better domains for the best price

You can create a professional email on Namecheap, in the name of your company, or website, with the ability to try an email service for two months for free.


Namecheap remains one of the best web hosting providers, that offer the best quality at the lowest price; You can also take advantage of Free DNS, a service with free name servers... If you are interested in hosting Namecheap, you can register from the link below for a free domain!

the better domains for the best price


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