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Tuya to make things smarter

Tuya to make things smarter

Tuya Smart a leading global IoT Cloud Platform

Tuya to make things smarter

Hey there! What’s up? I hope everything is fine. In this article, I decided to share with you an amazingly amazing website/app of a leading technology company. 
I, myself, am excited to write about it, this company is on a whole other level trust me, and what’s crazier is their affordable prices or maybe I shall say their really cheap prices. 
Ladies and gentlemen, please prepare yourself to meet one of the most interesting and outstanding platforms, focused on especially making your lives smarter by improving every single detail in your living environment. 
Hold on tight, because you will read about things supposed to be from the far developed future, yet they exist now thanks to the genuine “Tuya” team. Curious about the details? Keep scrolling down! To the heart of our blog!

Everything you need…in one single place

You just came late from your work, the outdoor lights of your garden are already on, the front door is now open after you enter the password, no need to struggle to find the right key when you are already tired. 
You are in, the lights of the hallway turn on automatically when sensing your presence. With just a few words from you, the temperature of the specified room is now changed, the intensity and the color of the lights too. 
Say one other different word and you will be able to hear your favorite drink being prepared from the kitchen. Your little pet jump next to you, they are happy after a long day playing with the smart pet teaser and they are already fed up thanks to a pre-specified meal schedule even when you were not around all day. 
Also, all the dishes are clean, the dishwasher machine has finished ages ago. It seems too good to be true? It’s true though! Smart pillows, smart wardrobes, advanced light sensors, and smart switches are no more fictional, they are real thanks to Tuya! 
Tuya? Yep, also called Tuya Smart or TUYA is the leading technology company we are talking about. It offers a wide range of advanced technology devices that we use in our everyday life, with the main purpose of making our lives easier and smarter. 
All with affordable prices for individuals (switches, cameras, fridge…) and with competitive prices for companies and hotels (large electric projects).

The coziest indoors ever

With Tuya services, your indoors are so comfortable that sometimes you may think it’s a hallucination. Enjoy your stay at home thanks to all the multiple features proposed by Tuya, including but not limited to:
Lightning control system: You can now choose the color and the intensity of the lights in every room, as for the “natural light” options.
Gas detector: No need to ever worry about gas running rampant in your house without you realizing the danger! Because you can now view real-time gas concentration in the app on your phone and you can also receive an over-limit alarm whenever it’s the case. What a huge relief!
Smart healthcare system: Welcome to your private gym in your own house! You can now see details about your weight and water consumption on the little screen on your wall. It’s a health tracking system with a virtual assistant, offering workout reminders and healthy lifestyle tips.
Temperature adjustment: With just one touch or one word, you can adjust the room temperature as for the humidity level, and that’s done by a ventilation system.
Housekeeper service system: No need for writing down your repair appointment from now on. This service reminds you of the repair appointments, tells you about the delivery you got, and more.
Coffee maker: You can now wake up happy knowing your coffee will be ready for you when you enter the kitchen! You can schedule time for preparing your favorite coffee in advance or just voice control the machine when you wake up.
Smart kitchen: The kitchen is no longer a workplace but a space of culinary exploration, innovation, and joy! Smart kettle that prepares your drinks at your desired temperature, a water purifier that reminds you when the filter needs to be changed, a dishwasher that records energy and water consumption, a smart refrigerator that ensures your food is maintaining a high level of quality and freshness…discover more details in the website! 

What a stylish outdoors!

You can custom the schedule of the watering cycle in your garden from the Tuya app now, having your garden taken care of when you are outside or on a trip is no more a dream, and that’s automatically, no servants needed, just a smart housekeeper! Even if you are in your house, you can free your hands from the additional little work in the garden thanks to Tuya outdoors services. 

Happy pets and…happy owners!

Tuya services put owners’ minds at ease; knowing that their furry friends, birds, and fish are healthy and happy. The services provided by Tuya for your pets are so many, I will be listing some of them right below:
Pet feeder: You can precise portion sizes and meal schedule in advance, you will have timely push notifications on your phone if you wish to, the voice control is included and you can see the video or photo captures whenever and wherever you want.
Cat litter box: Manual or automatic shoveling, deodorization, and sterilization, tracking weight changes, record toilet visits, and send alerts in case of anomaly.
Pet teaser: Train, reward and entertain your pets with unique and fun treat dispensers, the service lets the user toss treats at a tap of a finger as for the possibility to monitor the pet through live stream video with a wide field of vision. Oh, and for the notifications on your phone, they are low battery notifications, sweet!
Pet water fountain, pet dryer, pet bag…all are smart ones, providing a comfortable environment for your lovely pets inside and outside home! 

And secure at top of that!

Here is your all-day security butler, sir. It will keep your family and house safe and sound! Some of the features are:
SOS button: Designed for use by the elderly, pregnant women, and children, just press the button or use your voice to call for help in case of emergency.
Door and window sensor: Placed where you want to monitor the opening and closing of doors and windows in real-time.
PIR detector: Monitor whether there are people passing by in real-time and set alarms when it’s the case.

Join the list, have Tuya Smart products!

Tuya has been certified and validated by multiple organizations worldwide such as: TrustArc, Rapid7, EY, TCL, SKYWORTH, VESTEL, Midea, Made4Pets, petwant, PETONEER, els pet, Energizer, Unilink, Otio, SIMENS, Whirlpool, PHILIPS…
Also, Tuya has such useful and interesting services for small and large hotels energy and design management, which increase the hotel’s additional revenue and enhance the guest’s intelligent experience!

Now, buy (bye)!

We got to the end of this article, I hope it was helpful and/or interesting! If you enjoyed it, share it with some fellas and drop a comment! Have a sweet day/night and see ya next time!

Written by Kat.

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