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YouNow broadcasting platform


YouNow  broadcasting platform
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YouNow is a broadcasting platform where you  can share your live video

Hello everybody! How are you doing? How’s your pet doing? I hope everything is fine ! 

Today’s article is about a live-video social entertainment platform, seems fun right ? But maybe it’s cringy ? 

What’s the difference between this platform and the other ones in the same field and why choose this one instead ? 

What rules to follow when broadcasting, chatting and using this app’s services ? Is it secure enough ? Let’s begin answering all these questions right now, scroll down will ya? ;)

Lemme see how does the name sounds first !

Pretty simple and direct, “YouNow” is the platform that we are speaking about, a sweet secure place to go live sharing a variety of content with viewers, and to watch other people's streams and broadcastings. 

Even if you are under 18 years old you could join this platform and do pretty much everything adults in the app can do, respecting the rules and terms of use though! 

And yep there is an app for Android users and IOs users too, available on the app store and on play store, allowing you to use it whenever you want and wherever you like ! 

YouNow’s interface is one of the clearest and most user-friendly interfaces I’ve ever seen, there is not a lot of useless functionalities nor many “buttons” and links in app to confuse you. there is just and exactly what you need : The live-videos running at the moment, a widget at top to check your profile info and a side bar showing some helpful links at the bottom like FAQ and Contacting Support, and then some related features such as the Ranking ! 

What makes this platform worth a try !?

What is the difference between YouNow and the other websites and apps with the same purpose, broadcasting, and live-chat, you’ll say? Well, to begin with, its simple easy-to-understand interface as I mentioned in the above, then its active staff thanks to their 24/7 support to ensure a good environment for all the viewers and streamers, and of course, the security level of this app is high because of all the strict rules that must be respected. (might be upsetting for some of you), we will be talking about some of these rules below. 

And on top of all of that, just why not ? You can try it without even signing up and then either leave it or register to access other features ! 

Oh did I forget to mention that you can win real money when broadcasting on YouNow ? My bad ! 

There is indeed a possibility for you to make real cash thanks to this platform, you just need to be a little creative to attract fans who will be donating you if your content please them. There are many ways to encourage an influencer on YouNow aside from donating like subscribing, chit-chatting on live and use other methods in app (stickers and emotes for example). 

What you can do as a broadcaster ?

You have at least 13 years old and you want to share your hobbies with others from all over the world ? 

Easy ! Register to YouNow via Facebook, google+(simple email registration), Twitter or Instagram, and click on the go live button. 

You have infinite choices on what to do on your live-video, you can speak to people about interesting facts, teach them how to make your favorite recipe, show them how your draw your art, share screen with them when you are playing video games or seeing other influencers’ content (under fair use) and much more. 

If you are successful enough you could accumulate many virtual gifts from your fans and then turn them into real money ! 

Broadcasts are recorded and saved on your profile for three days and then they disappear, but your most recent broadcast stays visible until you broadcast again. 

You can also remove any video from your profile whenever you want.

What you can do as a viewer or fan

You can scroll through all the available streams, watch some of them according to your preferences, and if a content creator is to your liking you could be one of his/her fans by just subscribing to him/her. You have the possibility to donate virtual items to your favorite influencers too when they are live, and of course join the live-chat (note that some fans have the priority to be viewed in chat, it’s an option that can be purchased). 

YouNow, Open up !

To maintain a safe place for minors using this app and also to grant a peaceful cozy environment for everybody in general, YouNow has put some must-be-followed rules which are :

  • No Suicide or Self-harm contents: Encouraging people to commit suicide or to do self-harm acts in any ways either on the broadcast or on the chat is forbidden.
  • No explicit sexual content: Any act of nudity or sexual dances is forbidden, also sharing explicit images or content is not permitted.
  • No illegal substance use onscreen: Drug consumption, smoking and drinking alcohol on live is not allowed nor encouraging minors to try them.
  • No cheating in games: Broadcasting pirated games. or unauthorized servers. or the use of any cheating software. or way when playing video games on live that gives you an unfair advantage is not permitted.
  • No spamming in the chat: Repeating the same words or sentences many times in a short time when writing on chat is forbidden.
  • No sharing copy-right protected work without permission: Avoid sharing content without permission from the copyright owners such as full movies, TV shows, sport matches and any third party content.

YouNow has the right and can report suspicious and/or criminal activities spotted in videos or chats to local authorities. 

The moderation team and company staff of YouNow must be respected. actions may be taken against the ones that share hateful comments about YouNow employees either in or off the services of the app !

To sum up with

I hope that this article was a bit of help for you. or that you enjoyed reading it at least ! If so, don’t forget to share it with the interested ones and drop a comment on your way out ! 

I would like to hear your suggestions or just what do you think of the app after trying it. Now see ya and take care until next time !

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