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veem access to online global payment tools

veem access to online global payment tools

veem access to online global payment tools 

Hey there sweet person of the moon planet, I mean the earth planet. It’s just that your little entrance in this article is so bright that I almost mistook you for a moon creature (please let us don’t discuss the scientific details about this matter and stay in the metaphoric theme, okay? Nice, thanks). 

veem access to online global payment tools

Let’s speak about a new, unique, and revolutionary platform for online money transfer this time! Oh, but I must mention that it’s just for business-to-business payments, especially small ones… So dear readers who look for an alternative to PayPal or Skrill, you’ll see yourselves out because “Veem” is not what you are looking for unfortunately unless you want to have some good vibes from my article as usual dear fellas? *winks*. 
Uhm, I got a little bit ahead of myself lol, more seriously, if you have some friends or relatives that began or have a small or medium business, you can help them out by proposing the platform I’m going to speak about to them. 
So everyone, have fun reading today’s article while I show our ascending CEOs the surroundings!

What is Veem exactly? (A general peek)

Veem” is a new platform created to essentially make online money transfer faster and easier for a lot of the companies out there that are tired of all the procedures and extra fees when transferring funds, especially for overseas workers and companies. 
Veem is here to modernize the international payments method for clients across over 100 countries, with the funny yet realistic objective “making international money transfers as simple as purchasing a cup of coffee”. By combining blockchain technology and clear steps, Veem can claim easily the top of all the online payments platforms. How’s that, you ask? Simply:

Why Veem? (what makes it so special?)

In Veem, they use an incredible technology that makes your transactions in and out of the country of your company so much easy and fast, it’s the so-called blockchain system tech. Actually, when a bank sends money overseas, they are unable to send it directly to the receiving bank, so your money passes through many cooperating “intermediary banks” until it reaches the destination bank. 
Every time an intermediary bank touches your funds, they steal a big fee for their thirsty selves! Excuse me, I meant that they take a little fee as compensation for their efforts. 
So, every movement of your money is translated by a cost of money and time, two ultimately precious things for your company! Exhausted from this inescapable circle of business life? Here take a Veem. You are not you when you are exhausted. Our amazing platform avoids intermediary bank networks, touching your funds just once and charging you just once during the whole process so that you can say goodbye to all the extra fees and the late delays, hooray!
 You get the matrix? Less touches on your funds = Less fees + Faster payments. Time for someone to move on and change their online bank, I guess!

What you need to know about payments

First, to be able to request a payment you need to follow these little clear steps:
1. Sign up. Why? So that you get an account in the platform DUH!
2. Confirm your email, in just a few seconds. Why bother? So that they acknowledge you as a mere human, not as an advanced robot, I mean as an ascending CEO not as a bad hacker or manipulator, excuse my inner self.
3. Login. Don’t ask why unless you want me to throw you back from the window.
4. Create a payment request, you can do it easily, just follow the instructions on their website.
5. Tell them about your business, they will indicate what you must say and what’s not necessary.
6. Get verified, just be honest and provide real info and you have to worry not.
7. That’s it, what are you looking for? For another boring extra step? What a nerd...

Based on the receiving country and on some other factors, the payments may take up to three days, usually less but yeah you get to know the maximum possible delay so that you don’t get angry and smash your phone to the wall. 
A call will be given to you to confirm your payment(s) request including additional info and/or questions. As said before, there are no hidden fees disguised as extra fees, there is a clear 1.9% rate that will be off from your sent amount, from every and to every currency out there, with no exceptions. 
They automatically convert the amount of money from the sender’s currency to the receiver’s currency, so if you want to insist on not changing the currency (USD to USD instead of USD to Euro for example) they will charge you a fee equivalent to approximately 28 dollars.

Security! Get him! 

Is Veem safe and reliable? On one hand, the blockchain is an ultra-secure payment processing transmission system thanks to its method that consist of avoiding intermediary banks and ways. On the other hand, Veem’s team uses the latest and greatest tech security protocols available on the market, to ensure a safe environment for your transactions in order to keep your mind at ease. In other words, your money is in good hands with Veem.

Are there other useful features?

Yeah! One, you can sync your preferred apps for automatic payment tracking with your Veem account such as QuickBooks, Xero, and NetSuite. 
Two, the sender and the receiver are able to track their money on every step of the way. 
Three, you can add multiple users to your account and assign them roles so that they help you manage user access, there are 3 roles for the time being which are: 
  • Admin, who has total access and is the only one(s) that can update account info and assign user privileges. 
  • Agent: they have access to create and send payments or invoices, they could also manage contacts and view reports. 
  • Clerk: They can create and edit payments and invoices but they are not able to send them, they have the possibility to manage contacts and view reports.

All in all

Congrats, you are now one of the people that know what Veem is used for! The platform is definitively worth a try if you struggle with transferring money online to your employees and co-companies as a small or medium business owner
I hope you enjoyed this article and I wish that it’s a bit helpful, if you think that it was interesting drop a comment or share this with the persons you think might be needing this info. Now, get lost. No, no, take care and see you next time, have a great day, really!
veem access to online global payment tools 

veem access to online global payment tools

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