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Highnote the platform for podcasters

Highnote the platform for podcasters


Highnote the collaboration platform for musicians and podcasters 

Highnote is an audio platform for musicians and podcasters. the collaboration platform that offers unique and expressive discussion tools, and tightly integrated file management robust, the platform for audio creators to discuss and manage their work through simple organization, sharing, and collaboration for any audio file.
As musicians, and advocates for creators and their work, Highnote wants to create a better way to collaborate and discuss any audio file, smart tools foster better collaboration.

The team is an alumnus of the world’s best creator tools companies like Squarespace, Splice, Spotify, Songtrust, Kickstarter, and more. and venture-backed by the same investors behind productivity tools like Airtable and Superhuman,  Highnote just getting started. 

Listen to any audio file and discuss it without missing a beat

Highnote spaces let collaborators upload audio files, manage versions, chat, and drag and drop notes to leave time-sensitive notes right on top of tracks. creating a poll to prompt the listener, sharing a private link with anyone they like, and more! 

1. DISCUSS: You can share notes, reactions, melodies, and chat in real time, all at the right moment.
Your track can be discussed alongside an entire album or a single song.

2. REVIEW: A seamless way to review and share audio in full quality.
The best way to hear mixes and takes is to listen to them as they should be heard and check out different versions to determine which is best.

3. ORGANIZE: All your tracks, links, and conversations are in one place. No matter if it's in Highnote or not, upload and share tracks and relevant content.

4. MANAGE: never lose the perfect take, keep versions under control and organize every version of your tracks.

Why is Highnote free?

no download is required. you can create an account at on any device!
Making Highnote free keeps it accessible to the community and easy for anyone to give feedback on what building to make Highnote the best it can be for everyone
Highnote is also currently in Beta, In addition to a free plan, Highnote will introduce paid plans and other upgrades for those who want them in order to sustain their business.
A great way to make comments, exchange ideas and organize notes on any audio file


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