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profesionalhosting cheapest web hosting

profesionalhosting cheapest web hosting

profesionalhosting's Overview

Plesk SSD VPS Servers
from €8.79( €21.99 )/month
60% discount
Please use the coupon code "GREEN60V" to receive this discount.

profesionalhosting (commercial brand of Soluciones Web OnLine SL), the cheapest web hosting was founded in 2002 to provide Web hosting and domain registration services.
Currently, this company offers a wide range of services using its Internet services, infrastructure, and technology.
The demand for Internet services has grown and continues to grow so spectacularly, this means that many companies and professionals see their presence on the Internet as necessary, to be known anywhere in the world with mere clicks from the customers. 
so ProfesionalHosting work every day to improve its services and surpass the competition.
As the team is multidisciplinary with talent, and professionalism,  he faces the challenge and knows the specific needs of each customer, ProfesionalHosting personalizes your presence on the web, through the development of your website, domain registration, and consulting to choose the most appropriate hosting for you.

ProfesionalHosting has its business headquarters located in Almería where it has the bulk of the technical and commercial team. also ProfesionalHosting has another office located in Madrid focused on customer service.
Since July 2019 ProfesionalHosting has joined the large Swedish hosting group MissGroup, Thanks to this great agreement, ProfesionalHosting continues its activity without any change with all the support of a large group to offer better services to their clients, and they will also be able to take advantage of the infrastructure that the group has all over the world.

Your brand is protected by registering territorial or international domains

domain registration

maybe you are looking for an international domain from another country? professionalhosting's team is there to help you protect your brand and register your domain name in over 350 countries around the world. Do not worry about complicated procedures associated with international domains, you will avoid problems of lack of control. With professional hosting, you can automatically register your domain within minutes.

transfer your domain

The transfer process of a domain can take from 1 hour to 5 days maximum, in which case your website isn't affected and there is no downtime.
 you must provide:  
  • Authcode is also called passcode or EPP. 
  • Unlock the domain for handover. 
  • That the email and administrative contact is your mail. 
  • Disable Whois protection. 
For domains .es,,, a valid email address of the administrative contact is required and the transfer takes place instantly.

Domains speak your language

Registering domains compatible with your language in Profesional Hosting is very simple.
In recent years, a simple coding of domains of any language to Punycode has made this coding compatible with current browsers, which automatically convert domains with special characters when entered. Automatic recognition and coding will be performed by the system.

price list

Registration domains in minutes automatically your domain from Spain with professional hosting
  1. .es  8.45 €  / Year 
  2. or for 2.5 €  / Year each,
  3.  also available .cat for 25 €  / Year

Free with your Domain

  • you can manage all the properties of your domain From your client panel.
  • A variety of DNS records can be configured (MX, A, CNAME, NS...
  • You can create your own DNS or nameservers under your domain.
  • Transfer lock control, and protect your domain from possible fraud.
  • Whois Update immediately.
  • Change the DNS of your domain in real time easily

 Hosting Script 

ProfesionalHosting wants to adapt to you, which is why they have created specific hosting for the open source scripts that are needed by all clients for their website to run smoothly, to be stable and secure, and to have someone to support them when a problem arises. All plans meet these needs that you surely have. you can access the specific hosting through the following lines

WordPress Hosting

professionalhosting are specialists in WordPress Hosting, their servers have a specific configuration to run WordPress without errors, and you can install plugins and templates directly from WP Admin.

Advantage WordPress Hosting

  • Free Domain
  • Free Migration
  • Enjoy 15 days of a free trial: professional hosting promise to refund the full amount paid for the service, try and you will not regret it. it is sure will be your hosting forever.
  • WordPress Security Update
  • Plugins
  • Templates
  • Support 100% specialized in WordPress 24 × 7
  • Your WordPress is always at the highest speed.

Virtual Private Server

50% Discount New Clients Coupon: "VPS50"

 You can choose between virtual servers with local storage on a raid 10 SSD disk or storage on raid 10 hard drives. also, there is a Plesk and CPanel control panel to manage the service in a simple way.
Specialized VPS in addition to guaranteeing 100% compatibility and adaptation to customer needs, includes free premiums such as free templates, and modules: see details 

The most powerful range of Dedicated Elastic Cloud Hosting in Spain.

 ProfesionalHosting puts at your disposal a range of exclusively dedicated servers and private cloud, through which the customer can get the most out of his project and grow with the dedicated cloud.

The most powerful range of Dedicated Elastic Cloud Hosting in Spain.

 ProfesionalHosting puts at your disposal a range of exclusively dedicated servers and private cloud, through which the customer can get the most out of his project and grow with the dedicated cloud.

Radio Servers

 would you like to listen over the Internet in an easy and simple way? Or maybe you want to broadcast or change the broadcast of the current signal? in this company specialized in servers radio for professionals. In either case, you can finally find a solution for yourself: High professional quality at amateur prices!

Video Servers

don't be tired of the advertising of free video platforms,  you need a greater degree of personalization of your videos, restrict access, place your own advertising, grant permissions, etc.. professionalhosting has a solution! 

 Reseller Radio Servers

If you are planning to set up an Internet radio service,  Do not worry the specialist's team will do it for you.

Best Selling Services

 list of extra services 
  1.  An SSL certificate for corporate websites. 
  2. Remote backup. 
  3. Email marketing.
  4. Mail Services: Relay,  Spam Filter...
  5. Web Service: Web Builder, Your Cloud...
  6. Security Service: Web Sitelock protection, Security Audit...
  7.  finally, a specialized support service has been created only to solve problems.
 you should recommend Profesional Hosting, If you want to recommend a hosting service. with service that always puts the customer first.

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