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BigRock establishes the online presence

BigRock establishes the online presence


how BigRock establishes the online presence? Sometimes creating and maintaining a successful online presence is a daunting task. there are dozens of factors to consider, from domain registration to business-class email services, the website builder to web hosting services, and e-commerce solutions to digital certificates. that's where BigRock, the leading web presence solutions provider, comes in to make you sure of achieving a successful online presence without any hiccups. BigRock offers its customers a full range of products that help them establish and grow their online presence. with more than 10 years of investment in technology research and development, BigRock has over six million domains.

    Get your unique online identity: register a domain name with BigRock!

    To make your mark on the internet, you must do is register a domain name. it's your unique online identity that makes it easy for customers and partners to find you. whether you're a local business, a blogger, or anyone wanting to get online, owning a domain name is a must-have.
    Fortunately, it's easy to register a domain name with BigRock! follow the five steps outlined below, and you can get your own domain name in no time. and the best part is, you can get an unbeatable deal with BigRock's low prices! 
     you can easily secure the perfect domain name for your website.
    1.  First, you'll want to search for a domain name that accurately reflects your business, brand, or website. 
    2. After that, fill in your contact details.
    3.  all of your information must be in order. 
    4. Then, agree to the Service Agreement by ticking the box, and providing your payment information. 
    5. After that, you can finalize and submit your request.
    It's really that simple, within just a few minutes, you can find the perfect domain name for your website. So don't wait; start searching today and find the perfect domain name for your website!

    Premium Domains

    •  Premium domains are short, intuitive words that have the potential to be successful domain names. Best of all, these domains are already owned and up for sale. with BigRock, you can purchase these premium domains and gain access to their rich heritage.
    • when you buy a premium domain name, you don’t just buy its name, you also get its brand, SEO advantage, reputation, direct traffic, and users’ trust.  you also get access to the perfect name for your business or website.
    • At BigRock, they make it easy to manage your premium domain. you can use their Control Panel to manage your premium domain name just like you would any other regular domain.
    • So, if you’re looking to make the most of the web with a powerful domain name, with BigRock’s premium domain names, you can be sure to get a domain that can help you create an impressive presence on the web.

    Domain Prices 

    • BigRock promises to give you the most cost-effective solutions for domain registration, domain renewal, and domain transfer. 
    • therefore, in order to ensure that your website gets relevant traffic, they give you the option of choosing from a large number of possible domain extensions, really a one-stop shop for all domain extensions.
    • To give you unmatched cost-effectiveness, this platform offer discount deals on various popular domain extensions including .com, .net, .co, .in
    • With a saving of up to 25 percent on multi-year registrations, you have the option of safeguarding your domain name for the next few years at unbelievably low prices.
    •  Renewal and Transfer Charges at BigRock, are very competitively priced. that has made the company one of the most sought-after names in the domain industry.
    • Their domain registration prices vary and range from $9.99 to $49.99 depending on the length of the registration period and the type of TLD chosen... customers can upgrade their products with additional features and services, such as Private Domain Registration, Domain Protection, and an SSL Certificate. 
    • With BigRock's competitive pricing and advanced tools, customers can easily find and register their perfect domain.

    Are You Ready to Transfer Your Domain Name?

    With BigRock's domain registration services, businesses can quickly and easily transfer a domain from a different registrar. because the domain registration process is simple and straightforward, allowing businesses to save time and money. 

    Transferring your domain name can be a complicated process but:

    1. To ensure a smooth transfer, make sure you disable domain privacy services. 
    2. your registrant email address must be accurate.
    3.  remove any locks that may be applied to your name.
    4. and get your domain name’s Auth-Code from your existing Domain Provider. 
    5. Depending on the processes of your existing Domain Registrar, the process can take anywhere between 7-14 days, so it’s best to start the transfer before your domain name expires. 
    6. It’s also important to remember that ICANN & Registry regulations prohibit the transfer of domain names that have been registered within the last 60 days or transferred within the last 60 days. 
    7. As such, please wait for 60 days from the date of registration or previous transfer before applying for a transfer of such domain names.

     it’s important to ensure that all of the necessary steps are taken. with these tips, you can ensure a smoother transition and a successful transfer.

    BigRock also provides: 

    • business-class email services and web-hosting services for businesses looking for a reliable and secure hosting provider. 
    •  a website builder to help businesses create customized, professional-looking websites quickly and efficiently. 
    •  a one-stop shop for all of the digital tools businesses needs to establish an online presence.
    •  Privacy Protect, all personal information is kept secure and safe from unauthorized access. as a result, customers can rest assured that their personal information is secure and protected.
    • BigRock ensures businesses not only get the right name but also keep records and information on their domain name up to date. 
    • BigRock's domain whois lookup tool can help customers find out who the registered owner of a domain is, as well as check if the domain name is available to register. additionally, BigRock can provide customers with information about the registrar, registrant, and expiration date of a domain, and whether the domain has been recently registered or not. 
    • furthermore, BigRock's comprehensive customer support team is always available to guide customers through the process of setting up their business-class email services, website hosting, domain registration, and website builder solutions. 


    BigRock is a domain registration and web hosting service that caters to businesses and individuals alike. for just a few dollars a year, BigRock offers business-class email services and domain registration as well as a wide range of web hosting services, with plans ranging from basic hosting to more comprehensive plans for advanced users.

    As part of their online presence package, BigRock offers a website builder that makes it easy to customize and create a website without needing any coding experience. the website builder has a variety of templates and tools to customize the design of a website, and it also provides access to the necessary packages and software needed to host a website.

    BigRock also offers a variety of services to maximize client satisfaction, such as round-the-clock customer support, a comprehensive online knowledge base, and video tutorials. BigRock also provides comprehensive security measures to help keep websites safe, such as protection from malware and spam and SSL protection. additionally, BigRock provides a full suite of tools to help analyze website performance, such as web analytics and search engine optimization. 

    For businesses and individuals looking to establish an online presence, BigRock provides the perfect platform to get started. from providing essential domain registration and email services to offering a comprehensive website builder and hosting services, BigRock makes it easy to create and manage an online presence. whether you’re a business or an individual, BigRock is the perfect choice for establishing your online presence.

    Linux Hosting, Linux Reseller Hosting

    BigRock provides Linux Hosting and Linux Reseller Hosting services. with Linux Hosting, customers get access to a variety of tools like WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Drupal Hosting, and more. additionally, customers can benefit from BigRock's domain registration and business-class email services. 

    Linux Reseller Hosting, meanwhile, provides customers with a platform to start their own web hosting services. this service includes a website builder and white-label reseller platform which allows customers to resell web hosting services with their own branding.

    Windows Hosting, Windows Reseller Hosting

    BigRock offers Windows Hosting and Windows Reseller Hosting options to customers looking to establish their online presence. 

    1. With the Windows Hosting plan, customers can customize their individual hosting environment and use the Plesk Control Panel for more specific control of their MySQL, FTP, and domain manager. the BigRock Windows Hosting plan includes business-class email services, a website builder, and Web-Hosting Services to help customers build their online presence with ease. 
    2. The Windows Reseller Hosting plan includes the same features as Windows Hosting with the added ability for customers to resell their hosting packages and manage them through their own control panel. BigRock also offers domain registration services to complete the package.

    WordPress Hosting

    BigRock offers a wide range of WordPress hosting solutions. through their domain registration services, businesses can easily register their unique web address. additionally, business-class email services are available to allow customers to access their web-hosting services from any device. BigRock also provides a comprehensive website builder which enables businesses to create and customize their websites according to their own aesthetic and needs. 

    The user-friendly platform provides the key tools and support needed to design a modern, professional website. with BigRock’s help, businesses can easily create and manage an online presence.

    CMS Hosting

    BigRock offers domain registration, web-hosting services, business-class email services, and a website builder for those looking for an online presence. the company’s CMS hosting system provides the infrastructure for their clients to get the most out of their websites. the website builder enables users to launch a website quickly, making it highly accessible to people with little experience in the web development space. the CMS hosting also ensures that their client’s websites remain secure and responsive to changes in the market.

    E-commerce Hosting

    BigRock offers an array of web hosting services and is an ideal choice for e-commerce businesses. with the various plans available, users can have their own domain registration and receive business-class email services. all the plans provide 24/7 customer support and a website builder to easily create a website quickly. with such powerful services, users can take their online presence to the next level.

    VPS Hosting, Self-Managed VPS Hosting  

    BigRock offers self-managed VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting services that are perfect for businesses that need the flexibility of cloud hosting solutions. these services can be used to host and register domains, business-class email services, web-hosting services, and apps. additionally, businesses can use BigRock's website builder to create a customized website with built-in eCommerce capabilities. all of this can be managed from a single interface and is perfect for businesses that need a scalable and reliable hosting solution.

    Linux Dedicated Servers

    BigRock provides business users with increased performance and flexibility. these servers come with great features such as root access, full SSH access, and complete control of server resources, making them ideal for businesses requiring advanced hosting capabilities and powerful databases. with Linux Dedicated Servers, BigRock also includes domain registration, business-class email services, web-hosting services, and website builder to help customers create an effective online presence.

    Managed Dedicated Server Windows Dedicated Servers

    BigRock offers a variety of managed dedicated server windows dedicated servers. these servers are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. BigRock's servers offer reliable and secure hosting services that include BigRock domain registration, business-class email services, web-hosting services, and website builder. Benefits of using BigRock's managed dedicated server windows dedicated servers include increased performance and greater control over the configuration of the server. these windows dedicated servers provide businesses with flexibility and scalability that can accommodate any business requirement.

     Cloud Hosting

    BigRock offers cloud hosting solutions that are designed to provide the perfect platform for businesses of any size. as part of their domain registration services, users can also purchase business-class email services, web-hosting services, and a website builder so that they can quickly and easily get started on creating a professional online presence. BigRock's cloud hosting solutions offer reliable performance and scalability, as well as industry-leading security and data backups.


    With BigRock, businesses can quickly set up and customize a website, streamline and optimize their online presence, and gain greater visibility and brand recognition on the web.
    BigRock provides tools to help create and maintain your online presence. 
    • with their website builder, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to design a professional looking website. 
    • in addition to this, they also offer website design services to help you customize and tailor your site to meet your exact needs.
    •  managed SEO service is included to ensure your site is seen by the right people. their services let you keep track of how well your website is performing, as well as how it ranks on key search engines.
    •  Business-class email services are also provided. this will ensure your emails are secure and your data is safe. their enterprise-level email services provide flexibility and scalability, allowing businesses to grow and expand. 
    • they also offer Google Workspace and Digicerts & SSL for an increased level of security.
    • Finally, BigRock provides SiteLock and CodeGuard to keep your site safe from malware, malicious scripts, and other cyber threats. these services are ideal for businesses looking for extra protection for their website. 

    In short, if you’re looking to establish or maintain an online presence, then BigRock has:

    1.  the domain registration
    2. web-hosting services
    3. business-class email services to get you there
    4.  a comprehensive suite of tools to make sure your website is secure, and optimized for optimal performance.

    Tech Support

    BigRock provides a comprehensive range of technical support services to its customers: 

    •  All services are supported by an array of tech support representatives and engineers who are available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email. 
    • The domain registration process is simplified by the BigRock customer service team. whether you’re starting a new business, renewing a domain, or transferring a domain, BigRock customer care will assist you with registering the right domain name to suit your business needs. 
    • Furthermore, they also provide guidance on other aspects such as setting up business-critical email services, hosting services, and website builders. 

    • BigRock also understands the importance of maintaining and optimizing the performance of your website. therefore, their technical support team is knowledgeable about a variety of platforms and technologies and can deliver prompt resolutions for any technical issues. such as website crashes, malware detection, content management, and server optimizations can be addressed by their team of engineers.
    • This is especially helpful for businesses that are looking for quick resolutions for their technical issues. BigRock also provides an extensive knowledge base to help customers find their own resolutions. this knowledgebase includes helpful tutorials, FAQs, and other resources to help customers take control of their technical queries. 
    • Finally, BigRock understands that data security is of utmost importance, so they provide comprehensive security solutions and protocols. their engineers are trained to recognize and remediate any potential data threats, allowing customers to rest assured that their data is secure. 


    By introducing the online presence of BigRock, this article has provided a comprehensive overview of the variety of domains and hosting services available. from the wide range of popular domains, hosting solutions, and tech support services Bigrock provides, customers can be sure to find a solution that suits their needs. 

    Additionally, with competitive prices, extensive customer support, and reliable hosting and domain solutions, customers can trust BigRock as a comprehensive web solution provider. 

    All in all, the introduction of BigRock’s online presence has opened the door to a world of possibilities for those who want to establish a presence on the web.


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