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healthcare travel experience in malaysia

healthcare travel experience in malaysia

Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council

An unforgettable travel experience in malaysia for healthcare  

  • The healthcare system in Malaysia is based on a public-private partnership that leads to the establishment of many reputable international and private hospitals. all healthcare facilities in the country comply with international standards and regulations, making Malaysia a trusted international healthcare destination
  • from general practitioners and pediatricians to healthcare professionals and specialists, you can find the medical care that meets your ailment needs to enjoy the desired recovery.
  • Pharmacies, medical stores, and suppliers of medical equipment are also available in metropolitan areas across the country. prescription medicines are widely available and many pharmacies in Malaysia offer online orders. 
  • Treatment services include preventive healthcare, diagnosis, treatment, medical and surgical procedures, and rehabilitation and recovery services. in addition, medical tourism services such as cosmetic procedures, cosmetic surgeries, and fertility treatments are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Medical screening tests and diagnostic procedures are in demand among tourists visiting Malaysia. 
  • many tourists from all over the world flock to Malaysia to get reliable, quality and affordable healthcare services. 

Hospitals and Clinics 

visitors to Malaysia have access to quality royal healthcare during their stay thanks to Malaysia's trusted international healthcare system. the healthcare system in the country is built on the basis of a comprehensive public health system that includes modern healthcare facilities and a supportive medical community.  

Most hospitals and clinics also accept health insurance. this network meets the needs of visitors and arrivals with various health services such as general examinations, health treatments, and even plastic surgery. 

In addition, many of these hospitals are part of the Trusted International Healthcare Consortium, which guarantees the highest standards of quality and safety. visitors can enjoy high-quality care and services while in Malaysia. with the country's healthcare system considered to be one of the best in Asia, it is committed to providing excellent medical care. this focus on quality healthcare makes Malaysia the preferred destination for hospital travel as a unique and memorable experience through the availability of accommodation and amenities.

Accommodation and amenities suitable for convalescence and recovery.

World-class accommodations, facilities and medical care, outstanding doctors and nurses, and cutting-edge technology are available at any leading hospital
In addition to a wide range of luxury resorts and hotel stays at affordable prices, travelers can find the perfect place for their needs.

The amenities are also top notch in Malaysia. a variety of services such as spa treatments, massages, fitness centers and swimming pools are available in many of the resorts, hotels, and guesthouses. in addition, many healthcare facilities offer a variety of amenities that can make your experience more pleasant. from gourmet meals to daily exercise classes, everything is there to suit your individual needs. It is no wonder that many people return to Malaysia year after year. whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation or a medical trip for treatment, you can be confident that Malaysia will provide you with the best care and hospitality.

Medical tourism services

Malaysia is known for its comprehensive and advanced healthcare services. year after year, Malaysia's renowned healthcare services are sought by thousands of medical tourists, which provide easy access to life-saving treatments delivered by a team of highly qualified medical professionals. from medical examinations and preventive treatments to more complex procedures.

The country also offers a number of other medical tourism services which includes Trusted International Malaysia Healthcare (TIMH). TIMH is a well-reputed healthcare provider as a leader in medical tourism, providing comprehensive and cost-effective healthcare services to both local and expatriate patients.

 TIMH also offers a wide range of treatments and surgeries, from dental and cosmetic to orthopedic and reconstructive surgery.
  In addition to providing high-quality medical treatments, TIMH also offers personalized health and wellness programs tailored to each patient's specific needs. a number of other services to ensure a smooth and stress-free medical experience for its patients. include reliable medical travel coordination, visa and immigration services, and medical insurance.

In addition to its outstanding medical services, Malaysia also offers world-class tourist attractions and vibrant culture.

Benefits of choosing Malaysia for healthcare

  1. Malaysia boasts a large number of world-renowned hospitals and medical centers that offer superior healthcare services. it has gained a good and distinguished reputation for patient care and is internationally recognized as one of the most secure countries for receiving medical services and health care.
  2. The finest healthcare facilities in Malaysia are accredited because the Ministry of Health has set strict guidelines to ensure high standards of quality and safety in the healthcare sector.
  3. Medicine prices in Malaysia are generally lower than in many other countries. a wide range of healthcare packages are designed to be affordable to people from all over the world. this makes Malaysia one of the most cost-effective healthcare destinations available.
  4. Healthcare providers in Malaysia are highly skilled. the majority of doctors in malaysia are graduates of top universities, and the quality of their medical training is among the best in the world. 
  5. Healthcare Malaysia is known for its advanced medical technology and facilities, with many hospitals offering the latest cutting-edge technology. this includes robotic surgeries, advanced imaging systems, and cutting-edge therapies.
  6. Healthcare in Malaysia offers a high standard of healthcare services and facilities. Malaysian healthcare authorities prioritize patient safety and satisfaction, and medical standards are strictly monitored.
  7. The healthcare system in Malaysia is known for providing quality services to its citizens in both public and private clinics and hospitals. this high-quality and affordable healthcare system has also earned the trust of thousands of international visitors who seek medical attention while visiting the country.
  8.  many of the medical treatments available in Malaysia are also covered by insurance. so medical expenses can be significantly reduced and covered by the insurance policy of the patient's choice.
  9. Malaysia is also highly recommended by Trusted International Malaysia Healthcare, a global organization that works to ensure quality healthcare in the country. Malaysia's healthcare system is both affordable and of high quality.
  10. Malaysia is a preferred destination for medical tourism due to the country's stringent standards and quality of care. the quality of healthcare services provided in both public and private healthcare institutions is constantly monitored and regulated by the Ministry of Health.
  11. The Ministry of Health ensures that all healthcare institutions meet high international standards so that tourists can be assured of the highest quality of treatment. standards applied include the highest hygiene and safety protocols, reasonable and transparent service fees, ongoing professional training, and ethical practices. also, public and private healthcare providers must adhere to national standards for healthcare quality and international health regulations.
  12.  JCI sets the highest standards for quality and patient safety and is the leading international agency in recognizing top-performing healthcare organizations. as of 2020, there are 20 JCI accredited hospitals in Malaysia and this number is constantly increasing.
  13. IHAF has established a system of quality assurance and performance improvement that includes setting standards, monitoring and evaluating services, and continuous improvement of the healthcare sector in Malaysia.

Overall, with strict standards and regulations and the high quality of care practiced, tourists can have a worry-free and memorable experience in Malaysia.

What is Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council?

Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) is a non-profit organization established to foster the growth of Malaysia’s medical travel industry. MHTC is an initiative funded by the Malaysian government as part of their long-term vision for a sustainable, world-class health tourism ecosystem.

MHTC’s main aim is to promote Malaysia’s healthcare services to a worldwide audience, and to make sure that international visitors receive the highest quality of service and care. To this end, MHTC has partnered with Trusted International Malaysia Healthcare (TIMH), a private-sector healthcare provider and certifier, to ensure that all travelers receive the best possible quality of care.

TIMH is a highly reputable and reliable private-sector healthcare provider and certifier. It has a list of stringent guidelines that all healthcare providers must meet in order to receive their certification. These guidelines include quality assurance, health and safety requirements, medical staff qualifications, and patient feedback systems. As part of TIMH’s certification process, they also provide comprehensive assessment reports with their recommendations and suggestions.

This rigorous certification process ensures that all travelers receive the highest quality of care and service and that the healthcare providers receiving TIMH certification meet the highest international standards. thus, travelers coming to Malaysia for medical treatment can be sure that they are receiving care from healthcare providers that are certified and trustworthy.

Through its partnership with TIMH, MHTC is providing a trusted and reliable platform for international travelers to access the best quality of care and services in Malaysia. with its high standards of care and service and a rigorous certification process, MHTC is ensuring that travelers to Malaysia receive the best and safest healthcare experience.

Warm Hospitality 

Visiting Malaysia for its healthcare is a rewarding experience, from the moment you set foot in the country you’ll be welcomed by a warm and hospitable environment. nearly every Malaysian is professional, helpful, and accommodating, and they will go out of their way to make sure you have a pleasant experience. As a result, you’ll quickly feel at ease as you navigate the healthcare system, sure in the knowledge that you are in the hands of people who genuinely care about your health and wellbeing.

The country is also home to plenty of trusted international Malaysia healthcare organizations that offer unrivaled levels of care. 

many of the hospitals in Malaysia offer excellent customer service and provide additional services such as translation, transportation, and even food. 

World-Class Services

  • Malaysia is home to world-class healthcare services. highest performing in Southeast Asia.  
  • Malaysia is increasingly becoming a hub for medical tourism and is renowned for its medical services, globally competitive costs, and high-quality healthcare. many patients from around the world travel to Malaysia to receive treatments such as dental, cosmetic, and orthopedic surgeries. 
  • The healthcare system in Malaysia includes preventive and curative care, as well as patient education and awareness. an excellent public health system, which provides health services to all citizens regardless of their financial status.
  • Overall, the healthcare system in Malaysia is highly reliable and trustworthy. it is an ideal destination for those seeking quality medical care. 

Goals of MHTC 

Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) is committed to promoting Malaysia as one of the world’s leading medical tourism destinations. Established in 2007, MHTC has been mandated to support the growth of the medical tourism sector in Malaysia by setting up the appropriate framework and driving the necessary initiatives. as a result, MHTC serves to create a trusted international Malaysia healthcare brand and promote the country as a preferred destination for quality healthcare services, products, and technologies.

MHTC’s primary goal is to position Malaysia as the trusted destination of choice for international travelers seeking safe, quality, reliable, and reasonably priced healthcare services and treatment options. This can be achieved through the various initiatives, programs, and activities that MHTC has initiated to raise the profile of Malaysia’s healthcare and medical tourism industry.

In order to achieve its goal of positioning Malaysia as a world-class healthcare destination, MHTC has set a five-year strategic plan consisting of five main goals:

  1. Increase awareness of Malaysia’s healthcare system and medical tourism industry to international travelers
  2. Strengthen the provision of medical tourism-related services and facilities
  3. Establish a unified national brand identity for Malaysia’s healthcare
  4. Drive the country’s medical tourism industry forward
  5. Introduce innovative products and services to the Malaysian medical industry

Through these goals, MHTC aims to not only promote Malaysia as a leading medical tourism destination but also elevate the industry’s standards to a world-class level. MHTC’s commitment to ensuring excellence in Malaysia’s healthcare offerings will ultimately lead to improved patient experiences and better medical outcomes.

Facilitate and promote  

 the Malaysian government is committed to promoting the healthcare travel industry, which is becoming increasingly important for the Malaysian economy. through initiatives such as International Health Travel Malaysia, the government strives to facilitate the growth of the industry and support the healthcare needs of its citizens.

The International Health Travel Malaysia is a collaborative effort between the Malaysian Ministry of Health and the local governments of Penang and Selangor. the program focuses on developing Malaysia as a preferred destination for medical tourism and works to promote international healthcare services of the highest standards. through various initiatives and projects, the program provides an enabling environment for healthcare providers, investors, and healthcare professionals to invest and offer healthcare services to international patients. 

Trusted international healthcare standards are met through stringent accreditation standards and best practice guidelines. the International Health Travel Malaysia program also has the commitment to ensure that healthcare providers and travelers have a safe and comfortable stay during the duration of their visit to Malaysia. services like visa processing, tourist information, and medical emergencies are offered to ensure travelers have a hassle-free experience, and programs like free health insurance for foreign patients help reduce the overall cost of care.

The Malaysian government is committed to making the experience of visitors to Malaysia a memorable one. from providing world-class healthcare, infrastructure, and accommodation to investing in research and development, the Malaysian government is working to create an environment where everyone can feel at home. this commitment to promoting healthcare travel, combined with the country’s vast and diverse cultural and natural landscapes, makes Malaysia one of the most attractive and unforgettable destinations for healthcare travel.

Deliver the best healthcare travel experience 


these healthcare facilities offer a variety of medical services and treatments that are designed to meet the highest global standards. furthermore, many of these hospitals offer specialist services for complex and difficult medical conditions. the country is dedicated to delivering the best healthcare travel experience to its international visitors. from private clinics to multispecialty hospitals, Malaysia offers a wide range of options to suit the needs of any patient. 

 professionals and specialists

the country is home to many famous and respected international hospitals and medical centers, hospitals such as the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital, the Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur, and the Pantai Medical Center are just a few of the premier options available for those seeking the highest quality of healthcare services. Malaysia boasts a significant number of specialist healthcare professionals and specialists who can provide a range of treatments in various medical fields.


From the foregoing, it is evident that Malaysia is the most popular medical tourism destination in Southeast Asia, due to its modern healthcare facilities, skilled medical personnel, and relatively reasonable prices compared to Western countries.

The country provides comprehensive medical services for plastic surgery, dentistry, cardiology, and others.


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