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martinic audio instruments for producers


martinic audio instruments for producers

MartiniC: One of the outstanding audio plugins providers

Dear musicians and producers, with small or huge budget, rise and shine, it’s time to take a look at one interesting company recently gaining much popularity in the field thanks to its innovative way of creating audio plugins. The wide range of options that this company offers will let you unlock the fullest of your potential; you’ll finally be able to express what you truly want to share through your music easily! Don’t limit your imagination no more, enjoy exploring MartiniC multiple solutions and create your own mix of it. 

In this article, we’ll be introducing some of the benefits you will get when choosing MartiniC, alongside with some details about the company itself that may interest or inspire you:

While enjoying your tea in the balcony, you begin to hear a sweet yet mysterious melody

ACE Software Instruments and Effects for Musicians and Producers

Let’s start this by dropping a funny interesting fact: MartiniC was founded by not just a music enthusiast but a software engineer that’s head over heals for music production: Martin Vicanek. Such the perfect mix for the head of the company if I may say. 

MartiniC: A Leading Provider of High-Quality Audio Plugins

When passion is first on the list before the financial benefits greed, it usually leads to astonishing results and overflowing money, as the customers can feel that the products speak to their heart not to their pockets, that are worth investing into without regrets. MartiniC is used by many producers and musicians around the world thanks to its amazing and exceptional audio plugins with high-quality sound, just what you need to finalize your music or sound production experience!

Synthesizers, effects, utilities...all offered by this company at cheap prices (in fact it’s not thaaaat cheap, but compared to the quality they offer? Heck yea it’s hella cheap. No worries we’ll include real prices in the section below!).

You put your cup of tea on the table then start to slowly trace the melody’s source...

Allow me to present you most of MartiniC products and options in this section, but, if you want to know more about one or more specific tools you can do so by either look for the website’s tutorials or artist's reviews on YouTube and other platforms. In other words, you can know for sure if the plugin is the adequate one for you or not by watching others use it, no need to purchase it to know how it does sound like, no place for mystery or trickery in MartiniC relationship with its clients!

MartiniC Products and Options 

Ladies and gentlemen, we have in this museum of great symphonies the following, and I give you a little challenge dear visitors, it is to find the free option listed below that’s hidden between the paying options:

- AX Bundle: Alongside with this bundle that’s already incredible on itself with its 80s era atmosphere, you can have access to AX73 and AX Chorus, full licenses, at much reduced total price, a x3 combo you can’t miss.

- AX73: It has apparently two layers that can be split across the keyboard, which means that you can play two patches simultaneously. Not only that, but you can also stack the patches to have an extra dimension of sound design. It’s said that each layer has its own independent arpeggiator with 11 built-in modes, including some unusual modes such as Shuffle and Improv!

- Retro Pack: No dongle or online activation, this option that’s protected by FastSpring generated license key files is here to let you achieve authentic vintage vibes. 

- Scanner Vibrato: This instrument that evolved over time can be more flexible than what you think; it gives you the possibility to adjust the rate, depth, and even stereo width. Hold up, it’s not all, the best news are that you can apply Scanner Vibrato not only to organ sounds, but also to guitar, synthesizer, or whatever sound you like.

- Elka Panther: Another name you can be more familiar with to describe Elka Panther is the Capri, a classic Italian combo organ of the 60s. More specific and detailed features are available on the MartiniC website for those who want to know more about it, especially that they use real terms that you are accustomed to. (Optical swell, fully polyphonic, Rare LEM Echo Music tape delay effect, Mixture I "Harsh" and Mixture II "Mellow" are a combination of 3 pitches: 2-2/3', 2' and 1-3/5'...)

- Kee Bass (FREE, 0$): Yes you heard (read-) it right! You can claim your free license today in the MartiniC website for this option, one interesting way to bring in some groovy, bassy vibes back from the ‘60s thanks to its wide range of amazing features such as Modeled Solid State Electronic Circuitry and Adjustable 25-note tuning.

Colorsound Tremolo: This instrument that was tested by Macaris recreates the famous Colorsound Tremolo effect pedal used by Green Day, Joe Bonamassa, and Phil Manzanera among other well-known guitar players.

 Also please bear in mind that a lot of details have not been listed here as there's a lot to say, plus I don't wanna get copyright infringements, feel free to visit their website for more!

Free Trial and Tutorials

Another interesting fact about MartiniC instruments and options is that you can get free trials. Of course alongside with plenty of guides and tutorials in order to let you have a clear image about what you’ll buy if you wish to.

After a bit of a search, you finally found the source of the melody, what’s gonna happen next is fully your choice...

Why MartiniC is Worth a Try?

From affordable prices and helpful tutorials to great collaborations with music industry giants, MartiniC is worth a try whether you are a producer or musician, beginner or professional, amateur or business owner in the field. That’s the end of today’s article, I wish you a great day or night and I hope this was of a bit of help for you. If so, don’t hesitate to drop a comment, a request, or a suggestion, we’ll gladly hear it out! Peeeeace!


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