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share bandwidth to earn money

share bandwidth to earn money

Share bandwidth to earn passive income on Honeygain 

Are you interested in making money from the Internet? and want to make some dollars a day without any effort or experience? the Honeygain website offers ways to make money from the Internet, and in terms of credibility, the site is 100% honest, as has been the experience of many who have earned from this site.

Now you will ask me how the site benefits you?. I will answer you simply by saying that the site profits by mining, that is, it benefits from the resources of your device, but do not worry, it does not pose any danger to the computer or phone, there have been no security issues so far. However, it may not be ideal for people with a small internet bundle.

  • Honeygain is a website or app that lets you share bandwidth to earn money for it. It allows participants to convert unused internet in their personal accounts into money.
  • The app uses unused internet data by connecting to the Honeygain network makes this data available to other companies to use to improve their services and data analytics, and pays you money for it.
  • There are several ways in which you can profit from the Honeygain site, not only by exploiting your data, but you can also profit from the Honeygain site through referrals and inviting friends to register on the site. Bee website is one of the ways to profit from the Internet for beginners without capital.
  • And you can really make a profit daily when using the application on many devices. In order to profit from Honeygain, you must install the program on your computer or phone and launch Wi-Fi in it. The stronger your Internet connection is, and the better your device’s equipment is, the greater your chances of making money in the best way.

You will run the application on your Windows computer, Mac, or even your phone only, and then you will earn money. Therefore, if you are really interested in making a profit from the Internet through such easy services that provide small profits, then HONEYGAIN is the best honest site that will provide you with profits in your account without any effort.

Profiting from the Internet is the method that many have come to rely on as an additional income daily. and there are those who make this work as a secondary source of assistance. But there are people who do not care about profit at all but just want to earn $5 a week or a month.

How to profit from the Honeygain website

  • Profiting from the Internet through the “Honeygain” website requires you to have a computer running Windows, a MAC system, or a smartphone running Android. You can use whatever you want to work on this site, but it is preferable to a computer because of the direct connection to the Internet.
  • You need Internet access because in order for the site to earn dollars from it, you must be connected to the Internet. But it is preferable to have a very strong internet connection to earn more.
  • once you get up to $20, they will ask you to link a digital bank account and you will receive the money therein.
  • After you reach the minimum of $20, the Request Payment button will become available in the app while logged into your profile.

The correct way to profit from the site

The way to profit from this site, in fact, does not require any effort from you or to be a professional, but only a computer or phone with an Internet connection and nothing else. Meaning, that you will run the program and remain connected to the Internet, and it will calculate the throughput absorption from your Internet package in exchange for a fee.

  1. Subscription is very easy, just sign up with a Facebook account or GMAIL. After you subscribe, you will be sent an account activation in Gmail. All you have to do is click on activate and you now have an activated account to work.
  2. You will download the program if you have a computer, or you will download the application if you have a smartphone, and the type of phone and computer does not matter.
  3. You will install the program on your computer and it will be connected to your computer directly.
  4. You must leave the Internet connection on the computer or phone without stopping it because the program that you will profit from will share your Internet throughput with it. He will take an internet connection from you and in return, he will give you dollars.

Whenever you reach 1000 beehives, you will earn $1. For example: you reached 29.13, the beehive earning 0.03 US dollars. Meaning, that if you reach 5,000 ornaments, you will win $5.

The easiest way to make money from this platform

Many have previously worked on this site looking for a quick way to profit from it. But in reality, there is no such thing as the quickest way to profit, but rather what is the best method they use to profit from the site. For this reason, I will mention to you some methods that will help you collect a cell in a shorter time than the natural method.

The natural way is to leave the program running with the Internet throughput. Meaning, that whenever you open the computer, the program runs to share the Internet throughput with you. But this method would be too heavy to raise $5 in 5,000 beehives.

A good way is to run the program on the phone and also on the computer or a large number of computers. If you have access to an internet cafe, this is an opportunity.

The best way is to earn from a referral link, anyone who subscribes from the link you share (10% from each subscriber).

How to earn from this website

The Honeygain website offers the service of making money from the Internet by installing the program on your computer and phone. The stronger your Internet connection and the graphics card or even a powerful processor, the more profits you will have.

There are many explanations for the site in order to earn $50 in a short time, but the truth is that if you want to earn in a short time, you must use your referral link. Of course, there must be a condition in order to make money quickly, which is to have a very large number of followers on social sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and other sites that fall under social media.

How to profit from Honey Gain referrals

  • Profiting from referrals is one of the best ways to earn money from the Internet, this way does not cost any effort, work, or experience. You benefit from the person who subscribes through your link.
  • Profiting from referrals requires followers on social sites. The more followers you have, especially those interested in making profits from the Internet, the more you will earn, and you will earn 10% of the profits from each person who subscribes without affecting his earnings.

How to double your profits

  1. In order to double the profits of the Honeygain website, you must have many devices, especially phones, and on these phones, you must install the program while leaving the Internet throughput running in the background.
  2. This is the best way to profit by installing programs on devices, and the more devices you have, the greater the opportunity to collect money.
  3. The second way to double honeygain profits is to share the referral link with a very large number of people around the world, and here you need a YouTube channel or a well-known social networking site such as Facebook and Twitter...

How to receive money from the website

The site has conditions for receiving profits in your bank bag. There are three ways to receive money from the Beehive site, but before we mention to you the permitted banks, we must first learn about the minimum withdrawal limit from this site.
  • When you reach 20,000 points, which equals $20, you can withdraw them directly from your electronic bank account.
  • You can withdraw funds from Bitcoin, JMPT, and PayPal.
Warning: You must provide the correct information in your PayPal account. You will never find a solution for any single error, according to experience. Bitcoin was suspended because there was a problem affecting profits due to the sudden decline.

Ways to withdraw your money 

There are many ways through which you can withdraw money through the honeygain program, but you cannot withdraw money until you reach 20,000 thousand points, equivalent to 20 dollars.
  • When you reach 20,000 thousand points, only then, dear follower, can you withdraw and receive your money from the site through many methods as PayPal and the JMPT bag.
  • Withdrawing from Honeygain is considered one of the most discussed topics recently about making money from the Internet for beginners, especially since there are many beginners who are making money from Honeygain, which makes them wonder how to withdraw from the Honeygain application.

How to withdraw step by step and in detail

After earning money from the site, the process of withdrawing money through the Honeygain application. Frankly, this process is one of the most complicated processes, especially since some beginners suspect that what is being circulated is that Honeygain is a fraud.

honeygain scammer?
I will answer you directly. The honey website, or Honeygain website is not a scam.

Honeygain is he honest?
When some people hear that the Honeygain website is not a scam, they begin to ask the question: Is Honeygain honest? 
Of course, if it is not a scam, then it is honest. This is clear, but some people remain confused and always in doubt as to whether the site is honest or not.

How to earn from Honeygain?
Profiting from the honeygain website is considered one of the easiest ways ever through which you can earn dollars monthly, as there are people who earn a lot from this website.
You can profit from Honeygain through referrals, as it is the best method and the method preferred by most content makers and people who have a large audience base, and start promoting the affiliate link or referral link, and this method will enable you to earn more.

 steps to profit from the site:

  1. Download and install the Honeygain app on your computer or smartphone.
  2. Create a new Honeygain account and log in.
  3. Allow Honeygain to use your internet data.
  4. Honeygain's internet usage and current winnings can be monitored in your dashboard in the app.
  5. You can request a withdrawal when the minimum amount is reached, which is $20.

How do you earn $5 when you register?

By registering on the site from our referral link, you can earn a free $5 directly upon registration. You can click here to be taken directly to the registration page.
share bandwidth to earn money

Withdrawal from honeygain through PayPal
After reaching the withdrawal limit of $20, you will then need to follow the following steps in order to withdraw your funds correctly:
  1. When you click on the blue payout button, a browser page will open in order to log in to your honeygain account, after that click again on payout until you are taken to a page in order to choose the appropriate payment method.
  2. ​Choose your preferred payment method and then click Continue.
  3. Immediately, you will be taken again to the withdrawal confirmation page. 
  4. Click directly on Request Payout until the withdrawal is confirmed.
  5. When you click on Request Payout, you will be taken to a page to enter the number that was sent to your email.
  6. You enter your email and copy the number until you return to the confirmation page to paste it on the page. 
  7. congratulations on your twenty dollars.

How much money can you make?

The way their platform works is that the more devices you use, the more money you can earn. 
  • You will need to install the program on multiple devices. So, your earning potential from Honeygain will depend primarily on how many devices you can install it on.
  • To maximize your earnings, you also need to make sure that there is no more than one device connected to the same network/IP address.
  • You can use up to 10 devices to earn from Honeygain, but it's better to connect them to 10 different networks/IP addresses. It was possible to connect two devices per IP address, but unfortunately, this has changed. it is just something you need to be aware of.
  • You can also use just one or two devices and still earn some great extra cash. Remember that a mobile network also has its own network/IP address, so this can be an easy way to be able to use two devices if you have a computer and a phone with its own internet plan.
According to the calculator on their website, if you share 10 GB of data per day, you will earn around $30 per month but 10 GB per day is a lot of data to have to share!
Before you calculate whether it is worth it, of course, you also need to calculate the cost you are incurring for your internet connection. If you have unlimited internet, it may be worth it, but if you are paying for your own internet, it may end up costing you more than you earn, depending on your internet plan. But if you have unlimited internet, it could be an easy way to earn where you don't have to do anything.
So, it can be a way to earn more money passively, and this is undoubtedly the strength of the platform, but you need to do it with the right expectations and calculate first whether it is worth it for you.
I suggest you install it on the devices you have and then test it before and see how much you earn. This is the best way to find out exactly how much you can earn through your connection speed and devices.

Can you use it on mobile?

As mentioned earlier, Honeygain is available for both computers and mobile devices. On mobile, it was only available for Android devices, but they have now made it available for iOS devices as well. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that you will not be able to download the app from the regular Android app store Google Play. You will need to download its APK version from within Honeygain's website after logging in.
If this is the first time you have heard of APK files, they are essentially a manual way to install an app on a mobile device. The good thing is that when you click on the download link to install Android, you will be provided with step-by-step instructions. All you have to do is follow the instructions, and you should be able to install the app just fine. Nevertheless, I would say that it would have been better if the app was available to download on Google Play. That would have been the ideal option.
There is one thing you need to be aware of about their mobile app, and that is that it will consume more of your battery. the app uses the device's battery. Based on your device's age, the expected consumption may vary from 5% to 8% of the battery per day.

Who can join Honeygain?  Honeygain is available worldwide. They don't really care where you are from. As long as you have an internet connection, you are good to go.

As you can see in this review, Honeygain is a legitimate platform that will pay you for sharing your bandwidth and device resources. It has some attractive qualities and some drawbacks as well.
But let's end this review with a summary of its pros and cons so you can get a better overview of what the site offers.


  • The main advantage that Honeygain offers is the ease with which you can earn extra money. And in my opinion, this is the strength of their platform. You can simply set it up and forget it. So, it is really a form of passive income.
  • Payment via PayPal is available
  •  You can join Honeygain regardless of your location.
  • Gives a big welcome bonus
  •  Available on multiple devices


Fairly high payout threshold
There are high fees when withdrawing via PayPal
it may take some time to withdraw your earnings as the payout threshold is fairly high, especially if you have only installed it on one device. 

I hope you liked the article and benefited from it. I would love to hear your thoughts, questions, or experiences with Honeygain in the comments below.


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