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Terabox the best Free Cloud Storage


Terabox the best Free Cloud Storage

Terabox: Tera + Box = Perfect 1024GB cloud place for your files

Gather around people! You heard it right, you saw it right ! 1 Terabit of FREE cloud storage. What does that mean you say?  It’s the equivalent to 400000 photos or 51200 minutes of videos on average. Yea yeah I know, I know, it’s pretty huge of an amount, especially since it’s free…building up suspicions huh? I agree, that cannot be the case, it’s some fraud! Article complete, sho sho, nothing more to say! 

Seriously, what I’M writing about is not that kinda joke. Dear ladies and gentlemen, lemme show you the way to fully understand what all of this is about, lemme satisfy your curiosity, and lemme enjoy answering your questions that were mines before I did a whole research about the subject.

Shall I say, let’s dive in? (I’ll tank, you dive under tower don’t wowwy ! Don’t mind this sentence, it’s for LoL’s lovers or addicts. Where are you at gamers, you reading or playing !?)

A Cloud Storage App with a Generous Free Plan

Wait, what’s that in the sky? I think I’m seeing some strange shape of clouds…

Terabox, I find this name pretty funny yet accurate, because they literally give you 1TB of cloud storage; it’s like a giant box with all your things in, but in the cloud space. This is an App that you can download by using Google Play or App Store and even on Windows, Mac, or Linux. (No excuse that the app isn’t compatible with your device :evil_laugh: ). Oh and don’t forget that you can upload and share files that are up to 20GB large, heavens gimme that I need it! That’s what 65,485,984 users have said before me for sure, yes that’s how many people have downloaded the App. Well, I did say it’s no joke, didn’t I?

Terabox Impressive Awards and Recognition

…I can’t see it clearly yet, let’s climb that mountain to have a better view!

I dunno if it’s just me but I do like it when I know what kinda rewards did an App got before knowing more details about it. And given the fact that you’re in MY article, I guess you’ll follow on that :o Hope you don’t mind this strategy and let’s quickly see theeee rewards :

  • Red Dot Award for 2023 (The winner in the Apps category) 
  • French Design Award for 2023
  • Best New Mobile App award for 2023 (Silver winner)
  • Muse Design award for 2023 (platinum winner)

Ahah, you see, it wasn’t that long, just a brief cool info, you got worried for nothing lazy folks. I don’t like reading boring rewards details either, just the quickest way to get a perfect view, talking of view :

Partnering with Terabox: Opportunities for Developers and Influencers

It’s getting better! But I still can’t fully recognize the shape, let’s climb even higher…

My favorite part: The referral program, uhm I mean you’re not wrong if you think I wrote all of this just because of this part…I do hope to get some money OKEY? But eh, you can too, you can even win way better than me. As you didn’t guess this time, I’m not that greedy (I swear I swear), so let me EXPLAIN what’s this program is all about :

All the numbers and not boring math calculations that will be listed below are valid for the following cases: Webmasters, Youtoubers, TikTokers, Instagram users, Facebook users, people having no account of all these platforms but who sign up for TeraBox and share their link with friends/family.

Technically, If you signed up, and shared your referral link with 1 only one person, and that person signed up through your link, you’ll get :

  1. 0.01$/week of that person only used the app for free for him/herself.
  2. 0.01$+10% of their reward/week if that person shared their link with other people who signed up for free successfully.
  3. 200$/on one go if that person purchased the premium version.

Seems not that interesting and stuff, be patient, don’t you know something called accumulation? Lemme clarify :

  • You have 50 followers/successful links shared: +0.35$/week.
  • You have 1000 followers/(website visits through traffic/links successfully shared with family/friends/yt or insta or FB viewers that downloaded the link on your description…etc, you name it): +7$/week.
  • 5000 links this time: 35$/week. (hoho)
  • 10000 links: 70$/week.
  • 1M links: 7000$/week. (Mind sharing some?)

Aside from all these numbers, don’t forget that you’ll get your reward hella quickly, you can visualize all the data on the dashboard the give you, you’ll get a 2TB reward instead of “just” 1TB storage, and be it the free or the premium option you’ll get the reward anyways.

Pricing and Plans: Free and Premium Options

Nearly, nearly…not much left ‘till the top of the mountain, we got this!

Let’s now speak a bit about the pricing and the plans, there’s just two options, no intermediate:

  1. Free option: You have 1 TB of storage with all your files secured and safe.
  2. Premium option: You have 2TB of storage with your files secured and safe, you have the auto backup option and the cloud decompression, and also it’s add free. 
You can enjoy all these features and a bit more for 4$/month (normal year plan) or 4.99$/month (normal month plan) or 35.99$/year (auto renew year plan) or the last that I recommend the most is 3.49$/month for the auto renew month plan.

We’re finally at the top of the mountain, yes! let’s catch our breath first

If you are interested in having partnerships with Terabox, and you are either a developer, an affiliate marketing influencer, a marketing platform, or an enterprise, please read the conditions listed on the Terabox website that will guide you through all the process. Bear in mind that you must have at least 100K followers to participate in the partnership (for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok).

Some of their partners that you may know of: 0>1 booster, ATOM.ica, PIXELA, Xiaomi…

We see it! It’s clear! Woa, it adds so much beauty to the view, what are you gonna do now that you have a clear view of this…I wonder…

Final Thoughts: A Powerful and Feature-Rich Cloud Storage Solution

Terabox is the best Free Cloud Storage

To sum up, all what has been said above, to put an enclosure to your little adventure in this article and let you begin new ones by using the info listed in here, I can say thank you for your time reading my writings and I hope that this time wasn’t gone in vein. Terabox is not only a cool design App that won many recent design awards, or just some App that secures your files at the highest security levels, but it’s also an App that offers so many options that other Apps on the same field cannot offer (or does offer but at imaginary prices). so, we can now understand what makes Terabox one of the Best Free Cloud Storage! Have a great day or night and see ya next time! 


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