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mobrog online paid surveys

mobrog online paid surveys

Discover MOBROG: Your Gateway to Global Surveys

Ever heard of online paid surveys? You think it’s a simple and funny way to earn money, which is actually the case, but you are afraid of scam websites/apps?

 Then this article is exactly what you are looking for! Why? ‘Cause, we are going to speak about a good, and secure, website that offers online surveys and pay you for completing. ‘em! Let’s see the details in the following paragraphs, shall we? 

First thing first, the name!

Our guest for this article is… Mobrog website ! It’s a service provided by Splendid Research GmbH in Germany that allows you to take part in online surveys with wide range of topics. 

You could be asked to give your opinion and/or share your experiment about a product that you used, an advertisement that you saw, your traveling places, and much (like muuuuch) more. 

Mobrog collects data from users across over sixty countries and, remunerates everyone according to which survey they completed. (See details in “What kind of surveys EXACTLY?” ). 

If you're on the hunt for a reliable platform to participate in global surveys, look at MOBROG. an exceptional service is proudly offered by SPLENDID RESEARCH GmbH, a reputable market research company based in Germany. they're here to guide you through the exciting world of online surveys, accessible both on the internet and through their handy smartphone survey app. Let's explore what sets MOBROG apart from the rest.

Not to mention that registration and using the website is totally free and literally everybody can do so!

How much time do I need to wait for new surveys?

I see you coming, telling me that “it’s useless to wait for a long time for new surveys, so does this one provide those quickly?”, I know how disappointing for some of you when the dashboard does not show any, it’s just a blank, a pure white or a little message saying “stay stunned! 

New surveys may appear soon” and that’s for months…Well, in Mobrog, they work hard to give you new unique surveys as soon as possible, and it’s not in over two months’ time period but not within a couple of minutes either! 

You know... the number of invitations depends on the country where you live, on the age, level of education and gender. 

Sometimes they need feedback from men with a very low level (or high in other cases !). of education and sometimes it’s from women engineers as for the elderly other times and mothers staying in house with a bunch of children, it’s not specific and absolutely not discriminating! 

The key for the best use of such paid services is to be patient AND to do other online/in real life jobs or occupations at the same time, it’s not clever to do just one or wait for only one thing in life right..? Even if the time of the invitations to participate in surveys is not fixed. that does not mean that you won’t be informed when new ones show up, or you’ll have to check on by yourself every time because that’s not practical at all. 

That’s why Mobrog will send you invitations by email or push notifications, never miss a survey ever again this way aha! 

What type of surveys EXACTLY?

So, after the quick and easy registration. you will be given one to multiple surveys with different topics as mentioned in the very beginning of this article. The time that the survey may take from your precious time is shown in front of the concerned survey as for the price that you will receive if you complete it successfully. that is a really important detail and thankfully Mobrog is well aware of. Hear me out very well for the rest of the lines of this paragraph please, this is important and many people can give up on this amazing website just because they misunderstood/didn’t know about those “tricks” :

1. If you receive the invitation to a survey in device A, don’t do this survey in another device B. Participate in surveys using the device where you received invitations!

2. Don’t click on the invitation link (either by email or notification) if you are not ready to take part in the survey, for example, if you are busy. 

Because once you click it you are redirected to the survey, not to the website or a page telling you “do you really want to participate?” they take your ”click” as a “yes”! 

3. If you abandon a survey don’t think that you could redo it whenever you want to, it’s game over once you quit the survey, you have to do or wait for another one.

Mobrog online paid surveys

Okay, how much money?

It’s from 0.5 USD to 3 USD per survey and that’s not all! If you invite your friends using your link you will receive earn per friend! 

And you can invite as many friends and people as you wanna, insane! Just make sure that they do at least three surveys so that you can be paid, even simple surveys are counted so it’s not a big deal I guess ;) 

Now let’s speak about the case “I did the survey but they paid me less money than what was said in the beginning”, that may happen and it’s because you were eliminated from this survey by the company or the person that posted it. (you don’t match the requirements but they didn’t tell until you reached a certain point in the survey), so as a “sorry gift,” the website lets you answer other questions instead of the original questions and then gives you Compensation. which is sometimes lower than the original price. 

In another hand, for whom the price of a successfully completed survey does not appear in their balance at the end, please be patient, it may take up to one hour to transfer the money to your balance on the website if it surpassed the one hour time then you can contact the support. 

That might interest you!

In this paragraph, I will be talking a little bit about three awesome “hidden gems” in this website that I find pretty interesting actually. In third place we have the “rewards system”, you receive badges for each mission you accomplish even obvious ones. (Unfortunately, they’re not materialized rewards :( ). For example, you win “medals” for completing surveys, referring friends, completing your profile, inscription, and being eliminated from surveys. In second place we got “the lottery”, if you are lucky enough you can win a vouch worth approximately 100 USD (two winners every month), and the best part is that the participation is for free, you will just use a ticket that you can get from failing a survey (not being eliminated). 

In the first place we have the fact that Mobrog has an app! You can access this service using your PC or your smartphone (Android AND iOS !).

All done! What are the payment methods?

You reached the minimum amount. (which depends on the country you live in, it’s mentioned in your profile and only you can see it, but it’s about 5,55 USD in average) to transfer your money from the website balance to your virtual bank? Well done! You can choose from one of the following options. (I agree that there aren’t many but I think they are the most used nowadays) :

1. PayPal: The email address that you used to register in Mobrog must be the same as your PayPal email address, you can make max two transactions per day and the money is transferred within 24 hours. 

Kindly note that if you use the PayPal account of another person who also use Mobrog your both accounts on the website or the app will be banned!

2. Skrill: The country that you mentioned in Skrill and the one written on the website must be the same, you can make max two transactions per day and the money is transferred within 24 hours.

If you are someone who loves to protect our environment and want to invest lightly in doing so, I think this option that the website proposes will please you a lot: Mobrog gives you the possibility to donate to plant a tree, that you could see grow over time using TreeTracker by choosing “EcoMatcher” instead of PayPal or Skrill, isn’t that sweet?

 Connecting the World: MOBROG's Global Reach

MOBROG isn't just your run-of-the-mill survey provider. they're part of a vast international network, making us capable of conducting large-scale surveys with a level of quality that's truly outstanding. their online panel seamlessly integrates into this worldwide network, ensuring you get the best possible survey experience.

Rewarding Your Time and Opinions

They deeply value the time and insights you invest in their surveys. As a token of their appreciation and respect, they offer participants remuneration that can easily be redeemed through PayPal. It's a way of saying "thank you" for being an essential part of their research community.

Upholding the Highest Standards

Their commitment to excellence goes beyond just surveys. To ensure long-term quality, they wholeheartedly endorse the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice. they proudly adhere to these guidelines as they continue to provide their services to the international market. At MOBROG, high standards are their way of life. Explore the world of surveys with MOBROG, where quality, gratitude, and respect come together. 

Join MOBROG today and be part of something truly splendid.

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Here we are to the end of this article, I hope you enjoyed what I shared with you and/or you found it helpful. 

If so, don’t hesitate to share it with the ones that may be interested! See ya in the next article, and until then, have a great day/night!


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